OMNIUM TECHNOLOGIQUE is a leading construction engineering consultancy thanks to its ability to combine experience of delivering major projects and technical excellence. We are problem solvers.

We mobilize multi-disciplinary teams to achieve complex projects covering all trades and disciplines that take part in their completion, providing an overall vision of technical integration.

We assist our clients with designing and building all types of building such a as high-rise buildings, hotels, health-care facilities, shopping centers or cultural and sports facilities, offering engineering solutions that are suited to each specific project, tailored to the client’s requirements and the architect’s creative intent.

The skills of OMNIUM TECHNOLOGIQUE teams enables achieving sustainable projects with higher environmental performance levels, and providing solutions for the life of our building and improving costs of ownership.

  • Civil engineering
  • Foundations
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Steel structure
  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Air conditioning
  • Smoke vent
  • Plumbing
  • Fire protection
  • Drainage
  • Public health
  • Electrical
  • Low voltage systems
  • Fire detection
  • Building management system
  • Energy efficiency
  • Surete & securite
  • Building automation
  • Communication & it networks
  • Lifts
  • Kitchen & laundry


We consider BIM as a key success factor in the development of our activities.

BIM is an intelligent model-based process that helps make design, engineering, project and operational information accurate, accessible and actionable and improves collaboration and ensures a new level of control over projects we deliver.

As a multi-disciplinary office, BIM is a powerful tool for our engineers that enables sharing complex project models and to coordinate integration between our teams.

We are aware of the positive impact of BIM on the construction industry, and we have since 2015 made a concerted effort to integrate BIM technology and processes in all our engineering departments.


We combine our experience and expertise to bring to our clients, investors and developers an in-depth study and comprehensive support over the entire life cycle of their projects.

Quality – Cost – Time are constantly monitored while managing the risks. Our aim is for our clients to reach the highest performance levels of quality, safety and environment for their investment.

We advise our clients in their decisions, whether they are related to administrative, financial or legal aspects.

We deliver our services during the early stages of the project and the assessment of technical solutions. Then we assist our clients through the design process, during the construction, right through to commissioning until the project hand-over.


We have a dedicated team with significant experience and expertise to guide clients towards a successful construction project and optimum investment. We assist our clients in the decision making process to achieve beneficial investment, delivering cost control services for construction projects starting from early stages until the agreement of the final accounts for contractors.

We provide accurate and detailed tender documentation including Bills of Quantities and contract documentation. We also assist our clients in the selection of contractors and evaluating and reporting on tenders received from contractors. We can also advise on any value engineering solutions.

We then provide accurate and detailed valuations of the works completed on-site including quantity surveying and applications for payment solution for contractors and sub-contractors in order to value and to ensure that the work completed is paid for.